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Stained Concrete

stained concrete kitchen floor Coppell, TX
Stained concrete floor

If you want the unique look and presentation of stained concrete, look no further, Coppell Concrete Contractors are the experts at stained concrete. Staining concrete creates a rich and luxurious look that cannot be obtained using any other coloring methods. Unlike the opaque colors produced by paint, stain infuses the concrete with luminous, translucent tones that are unique and varied depending on application technique and the surface they’re applied to. The results are nothing short of amazing, closely mimicking everything from natural stone and wood to marble and tanned leather, all at a lesser cost than the real thing.

Application of stains can breathe new life into an existing floor or room and customize your new construction. To stain an existing floor we thoroughly clean and sometimes it’s necessary to etch the concrete. Once the floor, patio or porch is properly prepared we can apply the stain using various techniques to achieve the desired effect and a look you can’t believe is concrete! Staining used to be just thought of as an application for floors but today is used in numerous residential and commercial applications including, floors, patios, porches, walkways and driveways. Our staff has experience and expertise in all staining applications and will be able to help you with unique ideas for your project.