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About Us

A well thought out and constructed concrete project can add value to your home or business in Coppell, TX. By the same token a poorly designed or constructed project will end yielding sub par results and can be a waste of money and put your entire plan at risk. At Coppell Concrete Contractors we employ some of the best concrete men in the business, so if you have a project in Coppell,or the surrounding you can put your trust in us to get your commercial or residential project done right. Let our team of experts help you design and implement your dream of a new patio, porch, driveway, stained floors or the perfect slab, pad, foundation, footing or parking lot for your business. Give us a call (972) 440-1784

Our team of professionals will work with you to plan and manage your project, we strive to give you the results your looking for within your budget and time frame. Our mission is to exceed your expectations from start to finish! From the initial design to the last detail we work to prove our expertise and devotion to a “job well done”.

Residential Concrete

The application of concrete in a residential setting are numerous and varied, sometimes limited only by your imagination. In terms of an add-on project for your home it may include: patios, porches, driveways, walkways, basketball courts, retaining walls or the addition of a new room or work shop. Maybe you are looking to spruce up that existing concrete floor with stains, polishing or a decorative overlay, which can turn and old room into a something you never imagined. At Coppell Concrete Contractors we have the experience. When it comes to new construction our expertise and experience is equally impressive as our abilities include slabs, footings, driveways, parking areas, concrete walls and walkways, just to name a few. No matter your project, Coppell Concrete Contractors will help you achieve the results you desire, based on your budget.

Commercial Concrete

When you have a project, it has to be done right and done on time! At Coppell Concrete Contractors we understand. That’s why we employ a team of commercial experts that has years of experience in developing and implementing commercial projects. When it comes to concrete no project is too big or too small. At Coppell Concrete Contractors we employ designers and crews so we are able to help in the design, budget and implementation of all big and small commercial and business projects. From a warehouse slab to a warehouse loading dock, we have experience in designing proper concrete to withstand the rigors, loads and strains put on commercial concrete. Let us lend you our experience and expertise from the initial design to the finishing details of slabs, walkways, flooring, parking lots and more.